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This page has a quick overview of each barony. For detailed descriptions, please download our regional gazetteer from here. Where sources of information differ, gazetteer takes priority.

Derevendt: The Barony of Derevendt encompasses the narrow "neck" of the Principality, being a corridor of extremely fertile land that borders on the Hollow Highlands. Derevendt used to be part of the domain of House Eddri. However, with the advent of Haxx rule, the lesser nobles of Derevendt were given more control over local affairs. Several knights of the minor nobility have been awarded land and manors in the aftermath of the war with the Scarlet Brotherhood, earning Derevendt the name "the Patchwork Province". These nobles are highly loyal to the Prince due to their recent elevation.

Derevendt is by far the largest barony in Naerie. However, the vast majority of itís population (like elsewhere in Naerie) are farmers living in small hamlets. Terrain rises towards the Hollow Highlands, hindering farming slightly so cattle herding is a choice for many farmers. Fishing also generates revenue. There are also some mines located on the edges of the Hollow Highlands. Aside from this, taxation of commoners and merchants is the other main source of income.

The largest town in Derevendt, and indeed in the entire Principality, is NAERIE CITY, or just Naerie as itís called. It is also the capital of Derevendt and of the Principality as a whole. It has a population of some 6,300 individuals. It is here that Prince Barzhaan maintains his court. Naerie has been well fortified in after Greyhawk Wars. As was demonstrated by fall of Idee, Naerie was vulnerable to sea borne assault. Several hundred soldiers remain in the immediate vicinity of the town. Commander of Derevent garrison is Wanworth Oedil (LE human male Ari4/War6). Regular law enforcement is overseen by Nasranite Watch led by Captain Amriwil Belva (LN human female Ftr10) and Damar Rocharion (LN human male Ftr7/Ran2). The relationship between Wanworth and Belva is known to be strained.

Foelt: The Barony of Foelt takes up the northwest corner of the Principality. Farming and copper mining are the most significant industries in Foelt. House Heshun rules it from the ancient Castle Rishmar. Two-thirds ruined, this sprawling complex is a labyrinth of decaying architecture.

Since the Aerdi conquest, the site of POELITZ, largest town in the barony, has always been occupied. For much of its history it was an inconsequential fishing village and port. Poelitz truly began to prosper from the mid-fifth century CY. In 446 CY, when the Barony of Foelt was ruled by Dostig Van Heshun (the great-grandfather of the present Baron Naudus), Idee joined the rebellion against the rule of South Province. After several years of unrest, Idee declared independence from the Great Kingdom of Aerdy and joined the Iron League in 447 CY. The leader of House Eddri was named Count of Idee and appointed his son the new Baron of Foelt, deposing House Heshun who had petitioned the nobles to remain loyal to the Herzog of South Province.

As sea trade became more vital to the economy of Idee, Poelitz grew in importance. At its height, the town had a population in excess of 2000 people. Without lands to govern and tax, House Heshun applied their resources to trade and commerce. They did not regain their former power, however, while Idee remained part of the Iron League. Foelt was the barony that suffered the most during the Brotherhood occupation. The army of Idee abandoned Poelitz, leaving large parts to be burnt by the vengeful Brotherhood. The Army, its senior commanders assassinated or dead on the field, was cut off before it could rach the safety of the Iron Hills, and it was slaughtered to the last man where it stood.

When Graf Reydrich liberated Idee in 586 CY, he sent hundreds of Suel & Hepmonalander prisoners to Foelt, organizing mass executions in the same places where Ideeans had fallen. Most people still avoid these places, considering them to be haunted by vengeful spirits of the dead. Only a few servants of Hextor have taken the effort of building shrines on these sites.

Poelitz is know for a large amount of orcs and half-orcs residing within. They were originally mercenaries in service of House Heshun and were subsequently hired for law enforcement duties. They are commanded by a brutal orc named Judgrath (NE half-orc Bar1/Ftr5). Current ruler of Foelt is Baron Naudus van Heshun (LE male Ari6/Clr3 of Zilchus). He is quite old and it is widely suspected that his son Seraster (LE male Wiz8) will take over his duties in few years time though it is not completely impossible that daughter of Naudus, Annarin Heshun (LN female Ftr2/Ran1/Clr3 of Hextor/Pious Templar 3 of Hextor) does not harbor plans to usurp his brothers title.

Ingmalt: The Barony of Ingmalt makes up the northeast corner of the Principality and is roughly square in shape. It has the main overland route north to the United Kingdom of Ahlissa. Farming and gold mining are the main trades here, as well as copper mining in lesser amounts. Copper contamination has resulted in the phrase "Ekehold Red" being used in the gold trade. Ingmalt is the domain of House Oedil, ruled by Berik Oedil (LN male Ftr8/Cavalier2)., a stern but fair noble.

EKEHOLD is a prosperous community with a highly skilled military force, dubbed Redswords as an honor to soldiers who fought against Hepmonalanders in Sarwych Forest, though the name originally referred to the aforementioned copper contamination of the gold mined here. When the Great Kingdom still existed, Berik Oedil was the heir of House Oedil, but he lost his lands when the Brotherhood invaded. Prince Barzhaan returned his old lands after the war. During the war, his thankless task was to clear Ingmalt of Hepmonalanders. Nearly all of them fled to Sarwych Forest where the Ahlissan cavalry could not follow them. Casualties were high and no quarter was given in the following campaign, but eventually the Ahlissans triumphed. The Brotherhood retaliated, though, and succeeded in assassinating Berik Oedil's wife, and he has never been quite the same after that.

The new symbol of House Oedil, taken into use CY591 is a variant of Ahlissan coat-of-arms where the nightingales have been removed and instead there is a black wolf under the Sun of Aerdy. In 595 CY, Berik married Aeslith Euric (NG half-elf female Exp2/Clr3 of Atroa), binding House Oedil closer to House Arxx. "Redswords" are commanded by a young officer named Jagale, who replaced previous Commander Brymar who went mad during 595 and tried to kill Berik during his wedding to Aeslith.

Menst: The Barony of Menst lies at the navel of Naerie, sharing borders with all the other baronies, except Derevendt. House Arxx received Menst in fief after being the first House to take an Oath of Loyalty to Prince Barzhaan. The previous rulers, House Devnor, were all executed or banished during 588 CY after their treachery to the Scarlet Brotherhood was discovered. House Arxx, ruled by Lord Euric (N male human Ari8), has ambitions to become rulers of the entire Principality, and for this reason they try to stay on good terms with all the other noble houses. They rule from a grandiose mansion in Minetha, once owned by House Devnor.

MINETHA of the Mills is the capital of Menst, the central province of Naerie. The large town stands at a great crossroads where the agricultural goods of the Principality pass south to the port at Naerie City. Some even call it the breadbasket of the Principality (though other parts of the Principality produce huge quantities of agricultural goods as well). Not surprisingly, the Millers' Guild is very powerful in Minetha. Their leadership is known to be hidebound and repressive. However, this might change. Recent disputes between the millers and farmers guilds led to a few clashes. However, old guild leader Sonuna disappeared mysteriously and one of his underlings, Ramo Wadell took over. The Royal Guild of Merchants is quite happy with these new developments. Their representative in town is a young cleric named Ildat. In addition, sheep herding for meat and wool is large business in Minetha.

Minetha is a very beautiful town, with many parks and old mansions. A river, Minfel, runs from the Iron Hills through it and towards Lake Felten. A popular pastime among the citizens is to travel a some distance upstream and swim in the river. The town has a grandiose temple dedicated to the Velaeri, named the ďTemple of the SeasonsĒ. The largest shrine of Phyton in Naerie is also located in Minetha. Aside from these, the priesthood of Zilchus is also quite strong in Minetha. Local law enforcement, Minethan guard is commanded by a man named Rakyar (LN male War11).

Monne: The Barony of Monne lies northwest of Naerie City and follows the coastline of the Principality until it meets the Shimmering Stream, which marks its border with the Barony of Schwente. Monne encompasses much of the coastland in Naerie. House Lyrthi, headed by Eberic Lyrthi ((LN male Ari7/Ftr4), controls the barony.

After the signing of the Naerie Compact, GORNOR'S COVE (largest town in the barony) has received its share of traders from surrounding lands, and many goods pass through it, diverting funds from Naerie City, which is still the most popular place for foreigners to trade. The barony is quite low on other resources, though, as result fishing is popular along the coast. Some farming goes on near the border with Menst. A couple of ore mines near Bird Tower supplement these resources. In addition Eberic deliberately keeps the prices on ship repairs 3-8% cheaper than elsewhere in the principality, attracting many ship captains to itís dry dock. A large-scale salt works has also recently been built, inspired by House Heshunís work. These bring much needed capital into the town.

The Priesthood of Osprem is strong in Monne and has a shrine in Gornor's Cove. Nearby, the burial site of Saint Idee of the Sails is a popular pilgrimage site for worshipers of Osprem. The High Priestess of Osprem's faith, Nuran ((NG female Clr5/Divine Orcale5/Contemplative2), lives in the burial site and is much more popular than the current rulers. Other large temples in Gornorís Cove are for Procan and Xerbo. Gornorís Cove is a busy town when it comes to commerce, but under the surface the disapproval towards the Ahlissans is barely kept under control. Residents donít like Count Fedorik's heir, Coriell, that much, either, thinking he abandoned Idee much too easily. Eberic has his hands full, trying to keep the resentment in check. If people were asked, they would probably choose Nuran as their new leader.

Interestingly, the Idee Volunteers have so far not conducted any attacks in this town, perhaps fearing that the situation would boil over and the Ahlissan military would be called on to put down a general rebellion, a fight that the Idee Volunteers cannot hope to win. Local law enforcement consists mostly of local boys who are tasked with keeping the order. They are eager, if lightly trained and equipped. A suel man named Saron (LN male human War9) commands them.

Schewente: The Barony of Schwente lies between Foelt and Monne on the coast of the Principality. It is the domain of House Eddri who were once the rulers of all Idee. Current head of House Eddri is Lady Tanariell (LN female Exp5/Ari7). FELTEN is the capital of the Barony of Schwente. It is a small town built upon the marshy shores of the lake bearing the same name. Lake Felten is fed by the rivers Minfel, that flows through Minetha from the northeast, and Ramswash, which drains from the Iron Hills in the north.

The lake is the breeding ground for the grenak bird, a waterfowl distinguished by its pale blue or gray feathers, and a long, bright yellow or orange beak. Thousands of these birds winter over on the lake, then find mates and lay eggs in the spring. The water of the lake is slightly saline as Lake Felten is drained by a tidal river (the Shimmering Stream) that flows seven leagues to the Azure Sea. The riversí name comes from its peculiar, yet attractive appearance, the result of its shallow depth and the glistening sandbars that are exposed at low tide. These features make the river difficult to navigate by sea-going vessels. Many anchor at Jarlstun at the head of the Jarlstun estuary, their goods then being taken by smaller boats to Felten.

The southwestern quarter of the barony is dominated by the Jagged Hills, a range of steep hills and scarps some ten leagues in length. These hills are known to harbor dangerous creatures, and the Barons of Schwente have paid mercenaries to mount expeditions into them from time to time. The western fringes of the Jagged Hills mark the border between the Baronies of Schwente and Foelt.

Schwente was temporarily leaderless after the Greyhawk Wars, but a Paladin of Heironeous, Staceus, stepped forward and agreed to govern the Barony for a year and a day. In 587 CY, Andariell Eddri was named Baron of Schwente by the new Prince of Naerie. Very soon, Andariell started making bizarre and draconian edicts. He raised statues of himself across Felten (in which he was disingenuously depicted as the liberator of Schwente), and his patronage of the annual carnival saw it become an extravagant, debased spectacle. These excesses so disgusted Staceus that he petitioned Prince Barzhaan to intervene. The Prince did not act, and Staceus realized that Barzhaan actually wanted to have this dangerous fool in power. Staceus finally decided to rebel and formed the Idee Volunteers to resist Ahlissan rule.

Then, in 591 CY, harsh taxation across the Barony funded a lavish wedding in which Andariell was betrothed to his own eldest daughter, Clemena. Within a matter of months Clemena was no longer seen at public functions and, soon after, Andariell married his second daughter, Tanariell. In 592 CY, Andariell was stabbed to death during the carnival, his murderer escaping in the crowd. Tanariell was pronounced the new Baroness of Schwente, but instead took the title of ĎLadyí. Her first act was to tear down all the monuments raised by Andariell and instead build a large statue of herself near the front gate of Felten.

Lady Tanariell is regarded with some degree of suspicion by the nobility of Naerie. Some have not forgotten that her forefathers led the successful revolt against the Great Kingdom and wonder whether Tanariell could repeat such a feat. Others watch for signs that she has inherited the unstable mind of Andariell. Yet others marvel that she was unscathed by her imprisonment and wonder whether she might have made some sort of bargain with the Brotherhood. Local law enforcement here is called Felten guard, commanded by a Suel man named Ottolon
(N male human War12)