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In order to order scenarios for it you must first be a member of the RPGA Network and have passed the Herald Level judges exam. Both of these can be found on the RPGA website which contains information how to become involved in Living Greyhawk.

Meta-regional scenarios are similar to regional scenarios, except that they can be played in any region that is part of our "meta-region." Our meta-region is "Splintered Suns" and includes Principality of Innspa, Principality of Naerie, County of Knurl, The Dullstrand, Free State of Onnwal, Kingdom of Sunndi, Lordship of the Isles and Sea Barons. Meta-regional scenarios focus on plots that affect a much larger scale than regional events. Playing these events costs 1 Time Unit per round for PCs whose home region is part of "Splintered Suns", 2 Time Units for all other PCs. If you wish to rate modules, it is possible if you sign-up to Nyrond's regional page.

Campaign Year Seven, 597 CY Splintered Suns metaregionals

ESA7-01 Wooden Ships and Souls of Iron

One-round scenario by Thomas Ian Smith

Plot Synopsis: The slave trade is a heinous business, but more so when it involves captives taken in war. Slavers are taking a cargo to an unknown fate in the jungles of the Tilvanot Peninsula. Can you intercept and free the slaves? A one-round Splintered Suns meta-region adventure set in Remor Bay for characters level 1-12 (APLs 2-10). [This adventure is NOT for those with a dislike of the ocean.]


ESA7-02 No Parley in Pirates Code

One-round scenario by Colleen Simpson

Plot Synopsis: Medegia is a land torn by strife, ruled by small time landlords forever warring over every piece of land. Even its coasts are unsafe. In the See of Medegia, you’ll discover that there’s no such thing as a “Pirates’ Code”.


ESA7-03 Wake of the Tempest

One-round scenario by James Dempsey

Plot Synopsis: The good ship Kalandra lies wrecked, victim to the furious storm that cast it onto rocky cliffs, its cargo looted and its secrets revealed. But is that truly the case? What more is to be found in the shattered belly of the sunken ship? Visionary messages would have it that mysteries are yet to be found. A one-round Splintered Suns meta-regional adventure set in Medegia for characters level 1-13 (APLs 2-10). Part 2 of Terrors of the Deep. (Not for those who hear `run away' in the sea's song.).


ESA7-04 Heads or Tails

One-round scenario by Pieter Sleipjen

Plot Synopsis: Dawn. Soldiers are staring silently into the twilight, weapons drawn, and faces grim. The enemy is hidden in shadows. Soon the battle will be on. Soon the sounds of weapons, the shouts of angry soldiers and the moans of the wounded will replace the birds greeting Pelor. Will you be at the battle to aid the good people of Ahlissa and Sunndi? A one-round metaregional adventure set in Ahlissa for characters level 2-14 (APLs 4-12). It is the fifth part of the Broken Chains series, direct sequel of ESA6-01 Knife's Edge.


ESA7-05 And all the Prince's Men..

One-round scenario by Sampo Haarlaa

Plot Synopsis: Patriotic Knights, a group of Oeridian supremacist and rabble-rousers, and their allies have suffered blows in the past but are hardly a spent force. Now, yet more fuel is thrown into the flames that threaten to tear Naerie City apart. Riots, robbery and revelations, all within one hectic day in the city. Recommended for well-balanced parties who have had past dealings and no enmities with the Nasranite Watch. Closely connected to ESA6-05 Point of View, NAE6-05 Sharafon and NAE7-03 Incognito and introduction to the year 8 meta-regional trilogy Trouble Within . A one-round Splintered Suns metaregional set in Principality of Naerie for Character levels 2-13 (APL 4 to 10).


ESA7-06 Eye of the Tempest

One-round scenario by Mark Somers & Renout Vanj Rijn

Plot Synopsis: For months rumors have said that an evil fleet sails the Solnor Ocean, preying on ships of all nations and leaving few survivors. The rumors have now been confirmed, and a storm gathers in the form of an armada of the undead. Can a band of brave adventurers sail to a mysterious location and recover a hidden treasure that might avert the coming tempest? A two-round Nyrond and her Environs meta-region adventure set on the Solnor Ocean for characters level 4-16 (APLs 6-14). Part 3 of Terrors of the Deep [Not for those with a dislike for the ocean.]


ESA8-01 Calling of the Mines

One-round scenario by Pieter sleipjen

Plot Synopsis: For years escaped convicts have fought against their former guards and all in their way. Their leaders became stranger and stranger over the years. Now with defeat an almost forgone conclusion, the authorities finally have the time and inclination to look beyond the obvious. They need people to go look under the stones… literally. A 1-round metaregional set in the Hollow Highlands in Ahlissa for character levels 4-15 (APL 6 to 14). Final part of the Broken Chain series and sequel to ESA7-04 Head or Tails.


Campaign Year Seven, 598 CY Splintered Suns metaregionals

ESA8-01 Old Debts

One-round scenario by Sampo Haarlaa

Plot Synopsis: 14 years ago the armies of Ivid destroyed most of Pontylver in an orgy of violence. Now its harbor has finally been fully restored, and its docks have produced the first ships to rebuild the Ahlissan fleet. This is cause for a celebration and all are invited. This close to the cursed grounds of mainland Pontylver a few wonder if it is a good idea, wondering whether violence will strike… A 1-round metaregional with an optional encounter set in Pontylver in Ahlissa for character levels 2-15 (APL 4 to 12). First part of the Trouble Within trilogy.