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In order to order scenarios for it you must first be a member of the RPGA Network and have passed the Herald Level judges exam. Both of these can be found on the RPGA website which contains information how to become involved in Living Greyhawk.

Regional scenarios are written to be played specifically within Scandinavia. They cannot be played anywhere else, and are intended to focus on the unique flavor of the Principality of Naerie. Playing these events costs 1 Time Unit per round for PCs whose home region is in Naerie, 2 Time Units for all other PCs. If you wish to rate modules, it is possible if you sign-up to Nyrond's regional page.

In addition to these scenarios, we have several intro scenarios and mini-missions available.

Campaign Year Seven, 597 CY Naerie Regionals

NAE7-01: Like Love, Impatient by Steven Zwanger

Catching a dangerous outlaw is simple; any adventurer can do it. But arranging a marriage? Not so simple! A one-round regional adventure set in the Principality of Naerie for characters level 1-13 (APLs 2-10).

NAE7-02: Demonic Wishes by Dan Hass

A previous task was left uncompleted. The taint of evil, while bound, still infests the area near Osfelred. Heroes are needed to settle the matter once and for all. A sequel to NAE4-02: The Venomous Temple. A two-round regional set in Principality of Naerie for Character levels 4-14 (APL 6 to 12).

Meta-organisations: Army of Naerie, Church of Heironeous, Idee Volunteer Sympathisers

NAE7-03: Incognito by Gordon Smith

Sometimes the path to victory is fairly straightforward. Sometimes it requires a more convulted path. Can you walk in the shoes of somebody else to defeat the enemy? Can you play the patriot in the fanatic's cause and convince him of your sinceresty to get all the information you need to defeat those that both freedom fighter and city guards wants defeated? A one-round adventure set in Principality of Naerie for characters level 1-10 (APLs 2-8).

Meta-organisations: Ex-Scarlet Brotherhood Soldier, Idee Volunteers, Nasranite Watch, Church of Bralm/Llerg/Lydia.

NAE7-04: Unyielding by Jukka Särkijärvi

In the days of yore, the keeps of the Eddri Line defended the County of Idee from the forces of the Great Kingdom. In their duty they were unsuccessful, for the attack came from a different quarter, yet some never admitted defeat. Now the forts lie empty and forlorn in the hills – right up until some stalwart fools with a deathwish come traipsing through their halls. A one-round regional adventure set in the Principality of Naerie for character levels 1-12 (APL 2-10).

NAE7-05: Trail of the Serpent by Sampo Haarlaa

While the Serpent Guard has been destroyed, authorities in Felten & Gornor's Cove still require assistance in discovering their past. The trail of the serpent began in village of Radoc, on the outskirts of Hollow Highland and it is here where the secrets will be revealed. A sequel to NAE6-01 First Bite and NAE6-03 Legacy of the Serpent. A one-round regional set in Principality of Naerie for Character levels 1-13 (APL 2 to 10).

Meta-orgs featured: Felten Guard, Idee Volunteers, Iron Brand Contraband Cartel

Campaign Year Seven, 598 CY Naerie Regionals

NAE8-01: Twilight Revolution by Derek Knutsen

A noble house is threatened. Gornor's Cove is on the brink of rebellion. Can anything stem the tide? Part 1 of 2 in the Tides of Change series. A one-round regional adventure set in the Principality of Naerie for characters level 4-12 (APLs 6-10).

NAE8-02: Lay Down Your Burdens by Gordon Smith

Ever since the Greyhawk Wars, Scarlet Brotherhood agents and their Hepmonoland warriors have been holed up in the western fringes of the Menowood, staying a thorn in the side of the Ahlissans. Now Prince Barzhaan of Naerie finally wants to see this problem resolved, one way or another. A one-round adventure set in the Principality of Naerie and the Menowood for characters level 2-15 (APLs 4-12).

NAE8-03: Senechal of Idee by Mikko Laine & Michael McKinnon

The Count of Copperfeld has died and the Seneschal is running Copperfeld Keep. Who killed Count Zaran? And what did Selnor the Seneschal have to do with it?.A one-round Principality of Naerie regiona adventure for characters of level 1-15 (APLs 2- 12). Note: Cannot be played by characters banned from the county of Copperfeld. Sequel to NAE4-04 Prince of Idee

NAE8-04: Bright Sun, Black Lion by Sampo Haarlaa & Jukka Särkijärvi

It is a festive time in Naerie City, as Keoland and Ahlissa prepare to sign the historic Azure Sea Treaty for mutual cooperation against Scarlet Brotherhood and the great cathedral of Wee Jas is reconsecrated after a decade of disuse. However, nothing ever goes smoothly in Naerie and even less so when the members of the Scarlet Sign are concerned. Can the heroes of the Principality present a unified front against their age-old enemy, or will all come to ruin?. A one-round regional set in Principality of Naerie for Character levels 4-14 (APL 6 to 12) and the final adventure for Principality of Naerie. Warning: This adventure features untiered encounters.