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Below are the emails of Triad members if you have need for scenarios, rules questions, etc.

Paul Bendall (Triad & Point of Contact): paul.bendall @ telia.com

"Description forthcoming"

Pål Henriksen (Triad): phen001 @ c2i.net

Pål Henriksen. 30 years old. Originally from Bergen, now living in Kristiansand, both in Norway. Married, no children. Have been roleplaying for 10 years, DMed regularly for 3 years. Has (unsuccessfully) tried to launch Living Greyhawk to a wider audience in Norway for those 3 years, and still wish for dedicated DMs for Christmas. Work as a shrink to the chronologcally challenged during office hours, and finds the overlap between patients and players intriguing.

Sampo Haarlaa (Triad): sampohaarlaa @ gmail.com
Sampo joined the Triad in early 2006, after having been an unofficial Triad member for nearly two years (studies in UK prevented him becoming an official member of Triad). He has written numerous modules for many different regions and is currently working on Y7 core module. He resides in Espoo, Finland and was born 1979.


Pierre van Rooden Metaregional Representative Our Metaregional Representative is Pierre van Rooden. He coordinates the metaregional scenarios, plotlines, and meta-orgs — like being a one-man Triad, but for eight regions at once. If you have questions regarding metaregional events you should still contact your Triad initially but in case you think you have issues that need to be brought to Pierre's attention, use email gomez at gryphonhill dot com


In general, the Circle of Six doesn't have much time to deal with requests from individual players. It's recommended that you first contact our Triad or discuss matters with other players in the area if you have questions. However, if you would like to bring an issue to their attention, you should contact the Circle Representative for our meta-region, "The Splintered Suns," Pieter Sleijpen at rolspeel dot planet dor nl